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Creating a Patient Engagement Framework: A Doctor’s Guide (written for eVisit, 2015)

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Journal of New Orleans – Healthy Tech (Page 23456) (cover story) (July/August 2015)
Healthcare Journal of New Orleans –
Something in the Air (oxygen therapy for TBI) (Page 2345) (May/June 2015)
Healthcare Journal of New OrleansNew Orleans: It’s Time to Integrate Your Health (Page 2) (August/September 2014)
Healthcare Journal of New Orleans – Sci-Fi Meets Style in Wearable Healthcare Tech (Page 2345) (August/September 2014)
Healthcare Journal of New Orleans – It’s Medicine, Naturally (local naturopathic medicine) (Page 234) (January/February 2014)
Healthcare Journal of Baton Rouge – The Quest for Blood (local blood supply) (Page 23456) (cover story) (September/October 2015)
Healthcare Journal of Baton RougeDoing What Comes Naturally (local naturopathic medicine) (Page 234) (March/April 2014)
Healthcare Journal of Little RockHealthcare You Can Wear (Page 234) (September/October 2014)
Healthcare Journal of Little RockIt’s Medicine, Naturally (local naturopathic medicine) (Page 234) (March/April 2014)
Biz New Orleans – The Heart of the Matter (local heart health programs/tech) (February 2016)
Biz New Orleans  –
Pay or Play: Help for Businesses Navigating the Affordable Care Act (June 2015)

Mental Health & Wellness

Biz New OrleansMore Than Just a Bad Day (costs of depression in the workplace) (June 2016)
Dignity Health – Identifying Depression Warning Signs and What to Do Next (July 2015)
Dignity Health – Be Kind to Boost Your Health (December 2014)
TheRichest – 5 Ways You Can Free Yourself From Stress (May 2014)
TheRichest – 5 Ways to Totally Screw Up Your Work-life Balance (March 2014)

Women’s Health

Dignity Health – Yeast Infections: A Common but Easily Treatable Condition (November 2017)
Dignity Health – Ovarian Cysts 101: Taking a Proactive Approach to a Common Women’s Health Issue (September 2017)
Dignity Health – What Your Period Says About Your Health (August 2017)
Dignity Health – Breathing Techniques That Work Best for You During Labor and Delivery (June 2016)
Dignity Health – What You Can Expect From C-Section Recovery (March 2016)
Dignity Health – 4 Things to Remember While Preparing for C-Section Surgery (March 2016)
Dignity Health – 7 Common Postpartum Conditions New Mothers Should Know About (January 2016)


New Orleans LivingWatching Your Salt (April 2016)
Dignity Health – How to Manage or Prevent Gallstones Through Diet and Nutrition (October 2017)
Dignity Health – What Are Prebiotics and Probiotics? And How Can They Improve Your Health? (January 2017)
Dignity Health – Eat Local: 5 Easy Vegetables to Grow in Your Backyard (October 2016)
Dignity Health – Just a Few or a Few Too Many? Avoid Drinking Too Much This Summer (July 2016)
Dignity Health – Alcohol and Weight Gain: A Breakdown of the Facts (June 2016)
Dignity Health – Are You Engaging in Moderate Drinking or Something More? (January 2016)
Dignity Health – Is Tap Water Safe to Drink in Your Area? (January 2016)
Dignity Health – Cooking for a Diabetic This Holiday Season? Here’s How to Prepare a Meal Everyone Will Love (October 2015)
Dignity Health – Eating a Stroke-Prevention Diet: How Food Can Reduce Your Risk (July 2015)
Dignity Health – Enjoy a Diabetic-Friendly Fourth of July Barbecue (July 2015)


Dignity Health – Gymtimidation: Why We Fear the Gym and 6 Tips to Overcome It (April 2017)
Dignity Health – How Mobility Exercises Improve Parkinson’s Patients’ Quality of Life (May 2015)
Dignity Health – Benefits of Exercise for Arthritis and Aggravated Joints (May 2015)

General Health & Wellness

Biz New Orleans – Pain in the Neck (chronic pain in the workplace) (August 2016)
New Orleans Living
Love Your Colon (April 2016)
New Orleans LivingEase the Sneeze (March 2016)
Dignity Health – How to Beat Heat Exhaustion and Prevent Heat Stroke (June 2018)
Dignity Health – The Surprising Link Between Mental Health and Heart Disease (May 2018)
Dignity Health – Don’t Diagnose Appendicitis Yourself: Why Seeing a Doctor Is Important (April 2018)
Dignity Health – A List of Cardiovascular Diseases: The 5 Most Common (February 2018)
Dignity Health – Outpatient Surgery Center: When to Choose and 5 Factors to Consider (January 2018)
Dignity Health – A Survey Unveils Open Enrollment Hesitation (January 2018)
Dignity Health – How to Discuss a Medication Change With Your Doctor (December 2017)
Dignity Health – How the Prostate-Specific Antigen Test Can Yield Earlier Cancer Detection (December 2017)
Dignity Health – Chronic Renal Failure: What You Should Know About End-Stage Renal Disease (December 2017)
Dignity Health – Visiting a Diabetic Specialist: 5 Questions You Should Ask (December 2017)
Dignity Health – Chronic Diarrhea: How Often Is Too Often? (October 2017)
Dignity Health – Seasonal Allergies Are Nothing to Sneeze At: How to Cope With Symptoms (September 2017)
Dignity Health – Manual Therapy Techniques: How They Work and Why They’re Prescribed (August 2017)
Dignity Health – Common Types of Hearing Disorders and How an Audiologist Might Help (July 2017)
Dignity Health – Stroke in Men: Risk Factors, Signs, and Prevention (June 2017)
Dignity Health – Exploring Types of Physical Therapy and How They Can Help You (June 2017)
Dignity Health – Try Airplane Yoga and Simple Stretches to Alleviate Travel Pains (May 2017)
Dignity Health – What Is Acupuncture and Can It Improve Your Health? (April 2017)
Dignity Health – How to Schedule a Wellness Exam Without a Primary Care Doctor (April 2017)
Dignity Health – BMI Myths Debunked and More Accurate Alternatives (April 2017)
Dignity Health – Nap Science: Why We Doze and 6 Napping Tips for Sleepy Adults (April 2017)
Dignity Health – Hand Sanitizers and Your Health: How Clean Is Too Clean? (January 2017)
Dignity Health – Zika in Rio: Hype or Health Hazard at the 2016 Olympics? (August 2016)
Dignity Health – What You Need to Know About Atopy (May 2016)
Dignity Health – Kidney Disease Risk Factors and Top Preventive Practices (April 2016)
Dignity Health – Love Your Liver: What You Need to Know About the 3 Types of Hepatitis (March 2016)
Dignity Health – What Are Kidney Stones? Understanding the Condition and Preventive Measures (March 2016)
Dignity Health – 3 Health Apps to Improve Your Quality of Life (February 2016)
Dignity Health – Pain in the Neck: Whiplash Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment (January 2016)
Dignity Health – That Ringing in Your Ears: What Is Tinnitus? (January 2016)
Dignity Health – What to Expect After a Stroke (January 2016)
Dignity Health – Love the Skin You’re In: What Your Skin Says About Your Health (January 2016)
Dignity Health – Weather and Health: How Warm, Dry Climates Can Help (January 2016)
Dignity Health – How to Spot Pneumonia Symptoms: What Seems Like a Cold or Flu Could Be More Serious (January 2016)
Dignity Health – More Than Just Tiredness: The Mystery of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (January 2016)
Dignity Health – What Is a Hernia? Everything You Need to Know (September 2015)


NuLeaf Naturals – What To Expect as CBD Oil Rolls Out to Grocery Stores (October 2019)
NuLeaf Naturals – 3 CBD Oil Myths to Remember Before You Buy a Product (October 2019)
NuLeaf Naturals – How the CBD and Cannabis Industries Compare and Contrast with Booze (October 2019)
NuLeaf Naturals – CBD and Meditation: How Can It Benefit Finding Zen? (October 2019)
NuLeaf Naturals –  Tips to Avoid Fake and Poor Quality CBD Oil (August 2019)
NuLeaf Naturals – Why NuLeaf Naturals’ Inc. 5000 Ranking Benefits the CBD Oil Industry (August 2019)
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