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An Organic State of Mind (written for TraceGains, Inc., 2017)

New Orleans Food & Beverage

ViaNolaVie – New Orleans brews a community vibe amid quarantine (April 2020)
Where Y’at Magazine –
Quarantine Brews: Releasing New Products Benefits Local Breweries (April 2020)
Where Y’at Magazine
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Beer & Spirits

ViaNolaVie – New Orleans brews a community vibe amid quarantine (April 2020)
Where Y’at Magazine –
Quarantine Brews: How New Products Support Local Breweries (April 2020)
Food Dive – What the craft beer acquisition trend means for the industry’s future (January 2016)
Food Dive – How an AB InBev-SABMiller merger could impact craft beer distribution (November 2015)
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Food Dive – 6 packaging and education strategies to reduce food waste (July 2016)
Food Dive – Why tackling food waste is a win-win for manufacturers — and 3 ways it’s getting done (June 2016)
Food Dive – How sustaining the planet and the food industry intertwine (May 2015)
Food Dive – Farmers see no shortage of issues with California drought (April 2015)
Food Dive – Single-servings’ role in the future of food and the environment (March 2015)

Packaging & Labeling

Food Dive – How premium packaging can unleash shelf appeal (December 2016)
Food Dive – Wrapper’s delight: How packaging trends influence candy sales (October 2016)
Food Dive – Craft beer brings diversification as mergers gulp down the market (September 2016)
Food Dive – Nobody likes BPA, but replacing it can be difficult (August 2016)
Food Dive – Why demand for aseptic packaging is increasing (August 2016)
Food Dive – Are QR codes a labeling problem or solution? (August 2016)
Food Dive – SmartLabel’s role in GMO labeling compliance — and industry transparency (August 2016)
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Food Dive – Inside gluten-free labeling: The roles of testing, transparency, and compliance (November 2015)
TheRichest – Why Food Companies Want Voluntary GMO Labeling (February 2014)

Mergers & Acquisitions

Food Dive – A Balancing Act: 5 factors for a healthy food and beverage M&A environment (December 2016)
Food Dive – Why accounting errors won’t stop Hain takeover speculation — or 6 hungry potential buyers (August 2016)
Food Dive – A Balancing Act: 4 potential food and beverage deals on the radar (August 2016)
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Food Dive – 5 insights from the failed Sysco-US Foods merger (July 2015)
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Research & Development

Food Dive – Innovation station: Food and beverage technologies that disrupt the status quo (May 2016)
Food Dive – Innovation station: 3 startups clue manufacturers into product segments, flavors of the future (May 2016)
Food Dive – 4 ways to innovate like a startup — and succeed (April 2016)
Food Dive – To create or reformulate? Breaking down the food industry’s advantages and disadvantages (April 2016)
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Food Dive – Sprouted, ancient, and high-tech: Grains in 2015 (February 2015)

Finance & Investments

Food Dive – A Balancing Act: Leveraging startup investments by looking at the end game (October 2016)
Food Dive – A Balancing Act: Why zero-based budgeting isn’t always beneficial to manufacturers (September 2016)
Food Dive – A Balancing Act: The present and future of VC investments (July 2016)
Food Dive – How a data-driven approach enhances manufacturers’ startup investments (May 2016)
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Food Dive – Startup central: The new industry players to watch (January 2016)
Food Dive – Winning the market: Business model focus makes companies stand out (December 2015)
Food Dive – What the cost of a poor pricing strategy means (October 2015)


Food Dive – Athletes are the stars in Rio 2016 Olympic Games and ads (August 2016)
Food Dive – Positioned for success: How manufacturers stand out in a crowded marketplace (April 2016)
Food Dive – 4 global consumer trends shaking up food, beverage marketing (March 2016)
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Food Dive – ‘A teleportation experience’: How brands use Periscope to amplify marketing campaigns (January 2016)
Food Dive – Experts: Food labeling overhaul could ‘level the playing field’ or have ‘unintended consequences’ (January 2016)
Food Dive – That’s mine, not yours — 7 trademark disputes from 2015 (September 2015)
Food Dive – How 5 food marketing innovations are taking tech to the next level (July 2015)
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Food Dive – Labeling taboos ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’ drive evolving litigation (May 2015)
Food Dive – Marketing mayhem: Can revamps be company game-changers? (May 2015)
Food Dive – The growth of location-based super-marketing (February 2015)
Food Dive – Energy drink company marketing spilling controversy (January 2015)


Food Dive – Why the food and beverage industry needs to start using Internet of Things technology (September 2016)
Food Dive – If data drives sweetener decisions, what about consumer sentiment? (December 2015)
Food Dive – What is the meaning of (shelf) life? (November 2015)
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Food Dive – Could robots become an industry norm? (May 2015)
Food Dive – How 3D food printing can change the way we eat (March 2015)
Food Dive – Drones: The future of crop surveillance? (February 2015)

Safety & Recalls

Food Dive – Could whole chain traceability be the answer to food safety and transparency? (December 2016)
Food Dive – More than money: What a recall truly costs (September 2016)
Food Dive – FSMA compliance: What it means and how it will impact recalls (September 2016)
Food Dive – How transparency can impact recalls (September 2016)
Food Dive – Inside the Blue Bell recall — and what happens next (September 2015)
Food Dive – 6 steps to navigate a food product recall (April 2015)


Food Dive – What will the Trump administration mean for the food industry? (co-written) (January 2017)
Food Dive – Election 2016: Will Donald Trump deregulate the FDA? (October 2016)
Food Dive – Election 2016: Hillary Clinton could continue food policy progress (October 2016)
Food Dive – Presidential candidates talked about many things, but not food policy (October 2016)
Food Dive – 9 food and beverage experts identify the industry’s biggest challenges in 2017 (January 2017)
Food Dive – The biggest driver of sales growth in 2016: Convenience (December 2016)
Food Dive – Generic no more: How private label products compete with national brands (November 2016)

Industry Trends

Food Dive – How convenient: Easy-to-prepare food gets healthier and better (November 2016)
Food Dive – Pass the quinoa: How consumer health trends could disrupt Thanksgiving traditions (November 2016)
Food Dive – Plant-based sources don’t always complete the protein puzzle (November 2016)
Food Dive – Why the dairy industry shouldn’t cry over spilled milk (October 2016)
Food Dive – What manufacturers need to know about the alternative protein trend (October 2016)
Food Dive – Back to the Roots: Bringing radical transparency to cereal and the food industry (September 2016)
Food Dive – Reports of Hampton Creek buyback underscore transparency’s importance (August 2016)
Food Dive – Authentic flavors and tradition keep Hispanic foods simmering (July 2016)
Food Dive – How manufacturers can shape the GMO conversation (July 2016)
Food Dive – A Balancing Act: How frozen food manufacturers are bouncing back from lost market share (June 2016)
Food Dive – 4 food and beverage categories facing steep challenges from FDA’s Nutrition Facts overhaul (June 2016)
Food Dive – A Balancing Act: 5 food and beverage categories losing market share — an analyst perspective (May 2016)
Food Dive – How salty snacks stay relevant in a health-centric environment (March 2016)
Food Dive – In it to win it: How analytical strategies can optimize a manufacturer’s process (March 2016)
Food Dive – Food deserts present challenges, opportunities for manufacturers. Here’s how to approach them (March 2016)
Food Dive – On the up and up: Fastest-growing categories and growth trends that will shape 2016 (February 2016)
Food Dive – ‘No longer optional’: How manufacturers drive transparency — and stand to benefit themselves (February 2016)
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Food Dive – Another shortage scare? Canned pumpkin could beat the odds (November 2015)
Food Dive – Taste the season: Finding the next holiday flavor craze (November 2015)
Food Dive – Calling fowl: Are manufacturers really facing a turkey shortage? (November 2015)
Food Dive – The American consumer in 2020 — what food and beverage companies need to know (November 2015)
Food Dive – North American Meat Institute on WHO verdict: ‘Dramatic and alarmist overreach’ (October 2015)
Food Dive – By the numbers: A dive into food, beverage manufacturing wages (October 2015)
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Food Dive – Trends in trying, buying new products ‘more based on an individual’ (October 2015)
Food Dive – The non-GMO industry is growing fast. Where does it go from here? (August 2015)
Food Dive – 4 food sampling techniques — and why they work (July 2015)
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Food Dive – Will consumers go nuts over dairy alternatives? (June 2015)
Food Dive – How Greek yogurt’s invasion is altering the food industry (May 2015)
Food Dive – Diet soda losing the weight of its beverage market share (May 2015)
Food Dive – Dwindling crops, dry winds, consumers devouring chocolate industry (April 2015)
Food Dive – Why do major food companies get a bad rap about kids’ nutrition? (April 2015)
Food Dive – RTD tea is ready to guzzle a larger beverage market share (April 2015)
Food Dive – Are consumers losing their sweet tooth or seeking alternatives? (March 2015)
Food Dive – Crickets, locusts, flies—yum? The case for edible insects (March 2015)
Food Dive – Can the cereal industry reignite itself? (February 2015)
Food Dive – How food companies adapt to the gluten-free movement (February 2015)
Food Dive – Avocados: Consuming too much of a good thing? (January 2015)