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An Organic State of Mind (written for TraceGains, Inc., 2017)

New Orleans Business

ForbesBreathing Life Into New Orleans’ Central City (July 2015)
ForbesHow a $150,000 Grant Empowered The New Orleans School of Cooking (July 2015)
Biz New OrleansPain in the Neck (chronic pain in the workplace) (August 2016)
Biz New OrleansMore Than Just a Bad Day (costs of depression in the workplace) (June 2016)
Biz New OrleansThe Power of Pixie (Cover story: Kern Studios’ new robot) (April 2016)
Biz New OrleansThe Heart of the Matter (February 2016)
Biz New OrleansLocation, Location, Location (New Orleans commercial real estate developments) (October 2015)
Biz New Orleans – Knock, Knock, Booze There: Popping the Cork on Alcohol Delivery in New Orleans (September 2015)
Biz New OrleansBehind the Booze (Cover story – Tales of the Cocktail) (July 2015)
Biz New OrleansPay or Play: Help for Businesses Navigating the Affordable Care Act (June 2015)
Biz New Orleans – Krunch on This (Cover story: Krispy Krunchy) (March 2015)
Biz New OrleansDoing the French Quarter Fest Hustle (April 2015)
Biz New Orleans – Purple and Gold, but Mostly Green (eco-friendly Mardi Gras) (January 2015)

New Orleans Business Profiles

New Orleans Living – Zachary Mohr: Writing the Dream (April 2016)
New Orleans LivingDana Henry: Public Education Matters (April 2016)
New Orleans LivingDaniel Victory: A Spirited Education (March 2016)
New Orleans LivingMyla Poree: Small Businesses, Big Goals (March 2016)
New Orleans LivingDr. Ashley Geoghegan: When Integration Is Key (February 2016)
New Orleans LivingAriel Wilson: Empowering Female Youth (February 2016)
New Orleans LivingHolli Gaspard: Unleashing the Beauty Within (February 2016)
New Orleans LivingEye on Design (February 2016)
New Orleans LivingMadeline Spiers: Tour de Force (January 2016)

business writer

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General Business Coverage

The Motley Fool – Why Disney’s MagicBands Are a Cash Cow in the Making (July 2014)
The Motley Fool – Are Apple and Google About to Reshape the Future of Music Streaming? (July 2014)
The Motley Fool – Who Stands to Benefit When Healthcare Wearables Are Everywhere? (July 2014)
The Motley Fool – The Original Game Boy Turns 25: How Has Nintendo Fared Since? (April 2014)
The Motley Fool – Could Apple’s Mobile Payments Disrupt PayPal? (February 2014)
The Motley Fool – How NASA, the Navy and Businesses Can Use the Oculus Rift (January 2014)
The Motley Fool – The Real Reason Google Bought Nest (January 2014)
The Motley Fool – Do Streaming Music Services Have a Sustainable Business Model? (December 2013)
The Motley Fool – Why the Netflix-Marvel Partnership Makes Sense (November 2013)
SmileBack – What Is a Customer Experience Strategy and Why Is It Important? (ghostwritten) (March 2018)

Small Business & Entrepreneur Strategy

Make a Living Writing – 6 Quick Ways to Tweak Your Pitches to Get More Article Writing Jobs (March 2015)
TheRichest – 10 Ways Gamification Can Level Up Your Business (April 2014)
TheRichest – 8 Simple Ways to Use Tablets to Enhance Your Business (April 2014)
TheRichest – 10 Evening Routines to Ensure a Productive Morning (April 2014)
TheRichest – 10 Tips for Avoiding Small Business Loan Rejection (March 2014)
TheRichest – Is Telecommuting an Effective Way to Work? (February 2014)