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ForbesBreathing Life Into New Orleans’ Central City (July 2015)

Biz New OrleansThe Power of Pixie (Cover story: Kern Studios’ new robot) (April 2016)
Biz New Orleans – Krunch on This (Cover story: Krispy Krunchy) (March 2015)
Biz New OrleansPain in the Neck (chronic pain in the workplace) (August 2016)
Biz New OrleansMore Than Just a Bad Day (costs of depression in the workplace) (June 2016)
Biz New OrleansDoing the French Quarter Fest Hustle (April 2015)
Biz New Orleans – Purple and Gold, but Mostly Green (eco-friendly Mardi Gras) (January 2015)

The Motley Fool – Why Disney’s MagicBands Are a Cash Cow in the Making (July 2014)
The Motley Fool – The Original Game Boy Turns 25: How Has Nintendo Fared Since? (April 2014)
The Motley Fool – Could Apple’s Mobile Payments Disrupt PayPal? (February 2014)
The Motley Fool – The Real Reason Google Bought Nest (January 2014)
The Motley Fool – Why the Netflix-Marvel Partnership Makes Sense (November 2013)

Food Dive – A Balancing Act: Leveraging startup investments by looking at the end game (October 2016)
Food Dive – A Balancing Act: Why zero-based budgeting isn’t always beneficial to manufacturers (September 2016)
Food Dive – How a data-driven approach enhances manufacturers’ startup investments (May 2016)
Food Dive – Innovation station: Food and beverage technologies that disrupt the status quo (May 2016)
Food Dive – Innovation station: 3 startups clue manufacturers into product segments, flavors of the future (May 2016)
Food Dive – A Balancing Act: What to evaluate when acquiring a startup (April 2016)
Food Dive – 4 ways to innovate like a startup — and succeed (April 2016)
Food Dive – Psychology of choice: How multitiered offers could improve ROI for product promotions (April 2016)
Food Dive – Introducing key women investors who are disrupting food and beverage (March 2016)
Food Dive – 14 food and beverage CEOs’ compensation for 2015 (March 2016)
Food Dive – Sustaining profits: The financial benefits of sustainability initiatives (March 2016)
Food Dive – In it to win it: How analytical strategies can optimize a manufacturer’s process (March 2016)
Food Dive – M&A frenzy: How manufacturers can better compete in the acquisitions race (February 2016)
Food Dive – ‘No longer optional’: How manufacturers drive transparency — and stand to benefit themselves (February 2016)
Food Dive – Startup central: The new industry players to watch (January 2016)
Food Dive – Winning the market: Business model focus makes companies stand out (December 2015)
Food Dive – ‘Give them a rich experience’: The importance of retaining customer loyalty (December 2015)
Food Dive – What the cost of a poor pricing strategy means (October 2015)
Food Dive – Why mergers and acquisitions are increasing (August 2015)
Food Dive – 5 insights from the failed Sysco-US Foods merger (July 2015)
Food Dive – Why major food companies are hungry to acquire smaller brands (June 2015)

brass | Magazine – Telecommuting: Workforce of the future? (Summer 2014)

Make a Living Writing – 6 Quick Ways to Tweak Your Pitches to Get More Article Writing Jobs (March 2015)

TheRichest – 10 Ways Gamification Can Level Up Your Business (April 2014)
TheRichest – 8 Simple Ways to Use Tablets to Enhance Your Business (April 2014)
TheRichest – 10 Evening Routines to Ensure a Productive Morning (April 2014)
TheRichest – 10 Tips for Avoiding Small Business Loan Rejection (March 2014)
TheRichest – Why Networking Sucks and You Shouldn’t Do It (February 2014)
TheRichest – The 4-hour Work Week Is Nonsense and Here’s Why (February 2014)
TheRichest – Is Telecommuting an Effective Way to Work? (February 2014)

Knoji – Expand2Web vs. Soliloquy vs. Catalyst Theme: WordPress Theme Comparison (October 2012)
Knoji – Carbonite vs. Google Drive and Dropbox (September 2012)

SmileBack – What Is a Customer Experience Strategy and Why Is It Important? (ghostwritten) (March 2018)