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Biz New OrleansThe Power of Pixie (Cover story: Kern Studios’ new robot) (April 2016)
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Biz New OrleansPain in the Neck (chronic pain in the workplace) (August 2016)
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Food Dive – How brands learn from consolidation (August 2018)
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Food Dive – A Balancing Act: Why zero-based budgeting isn’t always beneficial to manufacturers (September 2016)
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Food Dive – 14 food and beverage CEOs’ compensation for 2015 (March 2016)
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Food Dive – ‘No longer optional’: How manufacturers drive transparency — and stand to benefit themselves (February 2016)
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Food Dive – 5 insights from the failed Sysco-US Foods merger (July 2015)
Food Dive – Why major food companies are hungry to acquire smaller brands (June 2015)
SmileBack – What Is a Customer Experience Strategy and Why Is It Important? (ghostwritten) (March 2018)

Small Business/Entrepreneurship

brass | Magazine – Telecommuting: Workforce of the future? (Summer 2014)
Food Dive – Innovation station: Food and beverage technologies that disrupt the status quo (May 2016)
Food Dive – Innovation station: 3 startups clue manufacturers into product segments, flavors of the future (May 2016)
Food Dive – 4 ways to innovate like a startup — and succeed (April 2016)
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TheRichest – Why Networking Sucks and You Shouldn’t Do It (February 2014)
TheRichest – The 4-hour Work Week Is Nonsense and Here’s Why (February 2014)
TheRichest – Is Telecommuting an Effective Way to Work? (February 2014)
Knoji – Expand2Web vs. Soliloquy vs. Catalyst Theme: WordPress Theme Comparison (October 2012)
Knoji – Carbonite vs. Google Drive and Dropbox (September 2012)


Loews Magazine – A Taste of the City (Spring/Summer 2015)
Loews Magazine
 – Confection Collection (Fall/Winter 2014/15)
Marriott Traveler – Sweet Spots: Hunting the Best Desserts in New Orleans
Marriott Traveler – 4 Places to Eat Like a New Orleans Creole Foodie
Marriott Traveler – In New Orleans, Brunch Is Sacred. Here’s Where to Go
Choice Hotels – 7 Culinary Vacations That Should Be on Every Foodie’s Bucket List
Draft Magazine
Best Breakfasts: New Orleans (May/June 2014)
Where Y’at Magazine – A Festival of Flavors: The Foodie Fare of French Quarter Fest (April 2014)
Where Y’at MagazineFact or Fiction? The Oyster as an Aphrodisiac (February 2013)
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Food Industry

Food Dive – What will the Trump administration mean for the food industry? (co-written) (January 2017)
Food Dive – 9 food and beverage experts identify the industry’s biggest challenges in 2017 (January 2017)
Food Dive – The biggest driver of sales growth in 2016: Convenience (December 2016)
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Food Dive – Could whole chain traceability be the answer to food safety and transparency? (December 2016)
Food Dive – How premium packaging can unleash shelf appeal (December 2016)
Food Dive – How convenient: Easy-to-prepare food gets healthier and better (November 2016)
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Food Dive – Plant-based sources don’t always complete the protein puzzle (November 2016)
Food Dive – Generic no more: How private label products compete with national brands (November 2016)
Food Dive – Wrapper’s delight: How packaging trends influence candy sales (October 2016)
Food Dive – Election 2016: Will Donald Trump deregulate the FDA? (October 2016)
Food Dive – Election 2016: Hillary Clinton could continue food policy progress (October 2016)
Food Dive – Presidential candidates talked about many things, but not food policy (October 2016)
Food Dive – What manufacturers need to know about the alternative protein trend (October 2016)
Food Dive – More than money: What a recall truly costs (September 2016)
Food Dive – FSMA compliance: What it means and how it will impact recalls (September 2016)
Food Dive – How transparency can impact recalls (September 2016)
Food Dive – Why the food and beverage industry needs to start using Internet of Things technology (September 2016)
Food Dive – Back to the Roots: Bringing radical transparency to cereal and the food industry (September 2016)
Food Dive – Nobody likes BPA, but replacing it can be difficult (August 2016)
Food Dive – Why demand for aseptic packaging is increasing (August 2016)
Food Dive – Why accounting errors won’t stop Hain takeover speculation — or 6 hungry potential buyers (August 2016)
Food Dive – A Balancing Act: 4 potential food and beverage deals on the radar (August 2016)
Food Dive – Are QR codes a labeling problem or solution? (August 2016)
Food Dive – Reports of Hampton Creek buyback underscore transparency’s importance (August 2016)
Food Dive – SmartLabel’s role in GMO labeling compliance — and industry transparency (August 2016)
Food Dive – Hershey demonstrates SmartLabel’s sweet spot (July 2016)
Food Dive – A Balancing Act: Why experts says food and beverage M&A is not in a downturn (July 2016)
Food Dive – 6 packaging and education strategies to reduce food waste (July 2016)
Food Dive – Authentic flavors and tradition keep Hispanic foods simmering (July 2016)
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Food Dive – 4 food and beverage categories facing steep challenges from FDA’s Nutrition Facts overhaul (June 2016)
Food Dive – A Balancing Act: 5 food and beverage categories losing market share — an analyst perspective (May 2016)
Food Dive – To create or reformulate? Breaking down the food industry’s advantages and disadvantages (April 2016)
Food Dive – Tracking the GMO labeling surge (March 2016)
Food Dive – How salty snacks stay relevant in a health-centric environment (March 2016)
Food Dive – Food deserts present challenges, opportunities for manufacturers. Here’s how to approach them (March 2016)
Food Dive – On the up and up: Fastest-growing categories and growth trends that will shape 2016 (February 2016)
Food Dive – What manufacturers can do about the rumored cocoa shortage (February 2016)
Food Dive – Functional becomes fashionable — and why manufacturers are paying attention (February 2016)
Food Dive – Innovation in, ingredients out: What is and isn’t working for cereal and soda’s rebounds (February 2016)
Food Dive – Campbell Soup is adopting GMO labels. Here’s what the industry had to say (January 2016)
Food Dive – Organic and non-GMO: Competition or counterparts in the healthy foods movement? (January 2016)
Food Dive – 8 major challenges facing the food and beverage industry in 2016 (January 2016)
Food Dive – Why ‘operational excellence’ will matter to the food and beverage industry in 2016 (December 2015)
Food Dive – Dine on this: 6 restaurant menu trends to impact manufacturers in 2016 (December 2015)
Food Dive – If data drives sweetener decisions, what about consumer sentiment? (December 2015)
Food Dive – The future is now: The critical food industry trends heading into 2016 (November 2015)
Food Dive – Another shortage scare? Canned pumpkin could beat the odds (November 2015)
Food Dive – Taste the season: Finding the next holiday flavor craze (November 2015)
Food Dive – Calling fowl: Are manufacturers really facing a turkey shortage? (November 2015)
Food Dive – The American consumer in 2020 — what food and beverage companies need to know (November 2015)
Food Dive – Inside gluten-free labeling: The roles of testing, transparency, and compliance (November 2015)
Food Dive – What is the meaning of (shelf) life? (November 2015)
Food Dive – North American Meat Institute on WHO verdict: ‘Dramatic and alarmist overreach’ (October 2015)
Food Dive – By the numbers: A dive into food, beverage manufacturing wages (October 2015)
Food Dive – ‘Leveraging a passion’: How companies can better target foodies (October 2015)
Food Dive – Trends in trying, buying new products ‘more based on an individual’ (October 2015)
Food Dive – Inside the Blue Bell recall — and what happens next (September 2015)
Food Dive – The non-GMO industry is growing fast. Where does it go from here? (August 2015)
Food Dive – 4 food sampling techniques — and why they work (July 2015)
Food Dive – How Greek yogurt’s invasion is altering the food industry (May 2015)
Food Dive – Dwindling crops, dry winds, consumers devouring chocolate industry (April 2015)
Food Dive – 6 steps to navigate a food product recall (April 2015)
Food Dive – Why do major food companies get a bad rap about kids’ nutrition? (April 2015)
Food Dive – Are consumers losing their sweet tooth or seeking alternatives? (March 2015)
Food Dive – Crickets, locusts, flies—yum? The case for edible insects (March 2015)
Food Dive – Sprouted, ancient, and high-tech: Grains in 2015 (February 2015)
Food Dive – Can the cereal industry reignite itself? (February 2015)
Food Dive – How food companies adapt to the gluten-free movement (February 2015)
Food Dive – Avocados: Consuming too much of a good thing? (January 2015)
TheRichest – Why Food Companies Want Voluntary GMO Labeling (February 2014)

Beverage Industry

Food Dive – Why the dairy industry shouldn’t cry over spilled milk (October 2016)
Food Dive – 5 emerging ingredient trends that will reshape the beverage industry in 2016 (March 2016)
Food Dive – 6 beverage packaging trends bubbling up in the industry (February 2016)
Food Dive – Why beverage industry lawsuits are increasing (January 2016)
Food Dive – What is the coffee industry brewing today? (July 2015)
Food Dive – Craft soda bubbling up interest for ailing soda industry (June 2015)
Food Dive – Bottled water expected to claim top spot over soda (June 2015)
Food Dive – Will consumers go nuts over dairy alternatives? (June 2015)
Food Dive – Diet soda losing the weight of its beverage market share (May 2015)
Food Dive – RTD tea is ready to guzzle a larger beverage market share (April 2015)
Food Dive – New products aim to milk the dairy industry (March 2015)
Food Dive – Energy drink company marketing spilling controversy (January 2015)


All About Beer – Making Sense of 2015 Proposed Beer Legislation (February 2015)
BeerAdvocate Magazine – Beer Destinations: New Orleans (February 2015)
Destinations Travel Magazine – Skip the Green Beer: 8 Best Breweries for St. Patrick’s Day (March 2015)
Draft Magazine – America’s 100 Best Beer Bars 2014: Mahogany Bar (January/February 2014)
Draft Magazine
 – 4 Ways to Pair Oysters (July/August 2013)
Food Dive – Craft beer brings diversification as mergers gulp down the market (September 2016)
Food Dive – What the craft beer acquisition trend means for the industry’s future (January 2016)
Food Dive – How an AB InBev-SABMiller merger could impact craft beer distribution (November 2015)
Food Dive – A closer look at the Brewers Association’s top craft beers (April 2015)
TheRichest – Why Craft Beer Is Gaining Ground in the Beverage Industry (April 2014)


Biz New Orleans – Behind the Booze (Cover story: Tales of the Cocktail) (July 2015)
Biz New OrleansKnock, Knock, Booze There: Popping the Cork on Alcohol Delivery in New Orleans (September 2015)
Where Y’at MagazineShaken, Not Stirred 101: Mixology Classes in New Orleans (April 2018)
Food Dive – Bottoms up: A breakdown of the spirits industry in 2015 (August 2015)
Food Dive – Palcohol packs a punch, whether you love it or ban it (March 2015)
FrenchQuarterHotels.com – Complete Guide to French Quarter Cocktail Bars (December 2015)

New Orleans Culture

ForbesBreathing Life Into New Orleans’ Central City (July 2015)
ForbesHow a $150,000 Grant Empowered The New Orleans School of Cooking (July 2015)
Marriott Traveler – Did You Know? 10 Captivating Facts About the Crescent City
Choice Hotels – 5 Ghosts You Can Meet in New Orleans
Racked – Antiquing Through New Orleans: The Best Spots for Hidden Treasures (ghostwritten for New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation) (July 2016)
Louisiana’s Health & Fitness Magazine –
Fly Me Away: How to Spend the Summer in Riverside Paradise (June 2016 Issue)
Where Y’at Magazine
 – Hosting It Live for 35 (December 2012 Issue)
Where Y’at MagazineWhite Linen Night (August 2011 Issue)
New Orleans Living – Zachary Mohr: Writing the Dream (April 2016)
New Orleans LivingDana Henry: Public Education Matters (April 2016)
New Orleans LivingDaniel Victory: A Spirited Education (March 2016)
New Orleans LivingMyla Poree: Small Businesses, Big Goals (March 2016)
New Orleans LivingDr. Ashley Geoghegan: When Integration Is Key (February 2016)
New Orleans LivingAriel Wilson: Empowering Female Youth (February 2016)
New Orleans LivingHolli Gaspard: Unleashing the Beauty Within (February 2016)
New Orleans LivingEye on Design (February 2016)
New Orleans LivingMadeline Spiers: Tour de Force (January 2016)
Culture Trip – 12 Reasons You Should Attend Fall Festival Season in New Orleans (August 2017)
Culture Trip – 10 Habits You Can’t Help Picking Up If You Live in New Orleans (August 2017)
Culture Trip – What You Need to Know About New Orleans’ Red Dress Run (August 2017)
Culture Trip – 10 Things to Do Over Labor Day Weekend 2017 in New Orleans (August 2017)
Culture Trip – New Orleans’ Mardi Gras Indians: More Than Just a Pretty Suit (August 2017) **plus photos
Culture Trip – The Coolest Neighborhoods in New Orleans (August 2017)
Culture Trip – A Brief History of Mardi Gras in New Orleans (July 2017)
Culture Trip – A Brief History of Milneburg, New Orleans (July 2017)
Culture Trip – New Orleans Mardi Gras: What is ‘Family Gras’? (July 2017)
NewOrleansMardiGras.com – Light My Fire: History & Tradition of Flambeaux at Mardi Gras
FrenchQuarterHotels.com – 3 Ways to Enjoy Your Royal Street Experience (February 2016)
FrenchQuarterHotels.com – 4 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in the French Quarter (February 2016)
FrenchQuarterHotels.com – 7 Prized Mardi Gras Throws (January 2016)
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FrenchQuarterHotels.com – Micro-Mardi Gras: 7 Smaller Krewes You Shouldn’t Miss (January 2016)
Hometown Tourist – 4 Ways to Enjoy Mardi Gras Like a Local (February 2015)
WeddingsInNewOrleans.com – Add Some Local Color: Flowers Native to Louisiana
WeddingsInNewOrleans.com – New Orleans Themed Wedding Favors


Food Dive – Athletes are the stars in Rio 2016 Olympic Games and ads (August 2016)
Food Dive – Positioned for success: How manufacturers stand out in a crowded marketplace (April 2016)
Food Dive – 4 global consumer trends shaking up food, beverage marketing (March 2016)
Food Dive – How an aggressive ad campaign incited Greek yogurt litigation — and what it means (February 2016)
Food Dive – ‘A teleportation experience’: How brands use Periscope to amplify marketing campaigns (January 2016)
Food Dive – Experts: Food labeling overhaul could ‘level the playing field’ or have ‘unintended consequences’ (January 2016)
Food Dive – That’s mine, not yours — 7 trademark disputes from 2015 (September 2015)
Food Dive – How 5 food marketing innovations are taking tech to the next level (July 2015)
Food Dive – How branding is inseparable from consumer perceptions and sales (June 2015)
Food Dive – Labeling taboos ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’ drive evolving litigation (May 2015)
Food Dive – Marketing mayhem: Can revamps be company game-changers? (May 2015)
Food Dive – The growth of location-based super-marketing (February 2015)
TheRichest – How Will the Internet of Things Revolutionize Advertising? (April 2014)
Vdopia – Skippable Ads Improve Video Ad Viewership (ghostwritten) (June 2015)
Vdopia – The Banner Blindness Phenomenon and How to Beat It (ghostwritten) (April 2015)
Vdopia – Why Videos Ads on Mobile Are the Best Way to Reach Audiences (ghostwritten) (April 2015)
Vdopia – Demystifying Programmatic: Why Programmatic in Mobile Will Be a Game Changer for Brands (ghostwritten) (March 2015)
Vdopia – How Millennials Drive the Growth of Mobile Video (ghostwritten) (March 2015)
Knoji – iContact vs. AWeber vs. Constant Contact: Email Marketing Systems Reviewed (September 2012)
Knoji – PRWeb vs. 24/7 Press Release vs. eReleases (August 2012)


Loews MagazineThe Soul of New Orleans (Spring/Summer 2014)
Hilton Travel – Top Festivals in New Orleans (August 2018)
Hilton Travel – 6 Indoor Activities in New Orleans to Beat the Summer Heat (August 2018)
Marriott Traveler – Layover in New Orleans? 5 Quick Ways to Make the Most of It
Choice Hotels – 6 Flower Festivals You Have to Catch in Bloom
Choice Hotels – 6 Places to Find Dinner and a Show
Destinations Travel MagazineCarnaval, Carnevale, Karneval: Carnival Celebrations Around the World (February 2015)
The Motley Fool – Can Airbnb, Uber and Other Shared Economy Companies Threaten the Travel Industry? (February 2014)
TheRichest – 10 of the Most Expensive Hotel Rooms in the World (June 2014)
The SafeWise Report – 9 Holiday Travel Safety Tips for Your Next Getaway (December 2014)
The SafeWise Report – Top 5 Safest Places to Travel (July 2014)
The SafeWise Report – The Ultimate International Travel Checklist (January 2014)
FrenchQuarterHotels.com – 3 Reasons Why You Need to Book Your Spring Trip to New Orleans Right Away (March 2016)


Healthcare Journal of New Orleans – Healthy Tech (Page 23456) (cover story) (July/August 2015)
Healthcare Journal of New Orleans –
Something in the Air (oxygen therapy for TBI) (Page 2345) (May/June 2015)
Healthcare Journal of New OrleansNew Orleans: It’s Time to Integrate Your Health (Page 2) (August/September 2014)
Healthcare Journal of New Orleans – Sci-Fi Meets Style in Wearable Healthcare Tech (Page 2345) (August/September 2014)
Healthcare Journal of New Orleans – It’s Medicine, Naturally (local naturopathic medicine) (Page 234) (January/February 2014)
Healthcare Journal of Baton Rouge – The Quest for Blood (local blood supply) (Page 23456) (cover story) (September/October 2015)
Healthcare Journal of Baton RougeDoing What Comes Naturally (local naturopathic medicine) (Page 234) (March/April 2014)
Healthcare Journal of Little RockHealthcare You Can Wear (Page 234) (September/October 2014)
Healthcare Journal of Little RockIt’s Medicine, Naturally (local naturopathic medicine) (Page 234) (March/April 2014)
Biz New Orleans – The Heart of the Matter (local heart health programs/tech) (February 2016)
Biz New Orleans –
 Pay or Play: Help for Businesses Navigating the Affordable Care Act (June 2015)
Louisiana’s Health & Fitness MagazinePatients Flock to Tulane for Robotic Thyroid Surgery (August 2016)
New Orleans LivingLove Your Colon (April 2016)
New Orleans LivingEase the Sneeze (March 2016)
Dignity Health – How to Beat Heat Exhaustion and Prevent Heat Stroke (June 2018)
Dignity Health – The Surprising Link Between Mental Health and Heart Disease (May 2018)
Dignity Health – Don’t Diagnose Appendicitis Yourself: Why Seeing a Doctor Is Important (April 2018)
Dignity Health – A List of Cardiovascular Diseases: The 5 Most Common (February 2018)
Dignity Health – Outpatient Surgery Center: When to Choose and 5 Factors to Consider (January 2018)
Dignity Health – A Survey Unveils Open Enrollment Hesitation (January 2018)
Dignity Health – How to Discuss a Medication Change With Your Doctor (December 2017)
Dignity Health – How the Prostate-Specific Antigen Test Can Yield Earlier Cancer Detection (December 2017)
Dignity Health – Chronic Renal Failure: What You Should Know About End-Stage Renal Disease (December 2017)
Dignity Health – Visiting a Diabetic Specialist: 5 Questions You Should Ask (December 2017)
Dignity Health – Chronic Diarrhea: How Often Is Too Often? (October 2017)
Dignity Health – Seasonal Allergies Are Nothing to Sneeze At: How to Cope With Symptoms (September 2017)
Dignity Health – Manual Therapy Techniques: How They Work and Why They’re Prescribed (August 2017)
Dignity Health – Common Types of Hearing Disorders and How an Audiologist Might Help (July 2017)
Dignity Health – Stroke in Men: Risk Factors, Signs, and Prevention (June 2017)
Dignity Health – Exploring Types of Physical Therapy and How They Can Help You (June 2017)
Dignity Health – Try Airplane Yoga and Simple Stretches to Alleviate Travel Pains (May 2017)
Dignity Health – What Is Acupuncture and Can It Improve Your Health? (April 2017)
Dignity Health – How to Schedule a Wellness Exam Without a Primary Care Doctor (April 2017)
Dignity Health – BMI Myths Debunked and More Accurate Alternatives (April 2017)
Dignity Health – Nap Science: Why We Doze and 6 Napping Tips for Sleepy Adults (April 2017)
Dignity Health – Hand Sanitizers and Your Health: How Clean Is Too Clean? (January 2017)
Dignity Health – Zika in Rio: Hype or Health Hazard at the 2016 Olympics? (August 2016)
Dignity Health – What You Need to Know About Atopy (May 2016)
Dignity Health – Kidney Disease Risk Factors and Top Preventive Practices (April 2016)
Dignity Health – Love Your Liver: What You Need to Know About the 3 Types of Hepatitis (March 2016)
Dignity Health – What Are Kidney Stones? Understanding the Condition and Preventive Measures (March 2016)
Dignity Health – 3 Health Apps to Improve Your Quality of Life (February 2016)
Dignity Health – Pain in the Neck: Whiplash Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment (January 2016)
Dignity Health – That Ringing in Your Ears: What Is Tinnitus? (January 2016)
Dignity Health – What to Expect After a Stroke (January 2016)
Dignity Health – Love the Skin You’re In: What Your Skin Says About Your Health (January 2016)
Dignity Health – Weather and Health: How Warm, Dry Climates Can Help (January 2016)
Dignity Health – How to Spot Pneumonia Symptoms: What Seems Like a Cold or Flu Could Be More Serious (January 2016)
Dignity Health – More Than Just Tiredness: The Mystery of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (January 2016)
Dignity Health – What Is a Hernia? Everything You Need to Know (September 2015)

Women’s Health

Dignity Health – Yeast Infections: A Common but Easily Treatable Condition (November 2017)
Dignity Health – Ovarian Cysts 101: Taking a Proactive Approach to a Common Women’s Health Issue (September 2017)
Dignity Health – What Your Period Says About Your Health (August 2017)
Dignity Health – Breathing Techniques That Work Best for You During Labor and Delivery (June 2016)
Dignity Health – What You Can Expect From C-Section Recovery (March 2016)
Dignity Health – 4 Things to Remember While Preparing for C-Section Surgery (March 2016)
Dignity Health – 7 Common Postpartum Conditions New Mothers Should Know About (January 2016)
New Orleans LivingBrows Straighten Up (April 2016)


New Orleans LivingWatching Your Salt (April 2016)
Enjoy! Magazine – 4 Reasons Why Fall Is the Perfect Time to Go Paleo (September 2015)
Dignity Health – How to Manage or Prevent Gallstones Through Diet and Nutrition (October 2017)
Dignity Health – What Are Prebiotics and Probiotics? And How Can They Improve Your Health? (January 2017)
Dignity Health – Eat Local: 5 Easy Vegetables to Grow in Your Backyard (October 2016)
Dignity Health – Just a Few or a Few Too Many? Avoid Drinking Too Much This Summer (July 2016)
Dignity Health – Alcohol and Weight Gain: A Breakdown of the Facts (June 2016)
Dignity Health – Are You Engaging in Moderate Drinking or Something More? (January 2016)
Dignity Health – Is Tap Water Safe to Drink in Your Area? (January 2016)
Dignity Health – Cooking for a Diabetic This Holiday Season? Here’s How to Prepare a Meal Everyone Will Love (October 2015)
Dignity Health – Eating a Stroke-Prevention Diet: How Food Can Reduce Your Risk (July 2015)
Dignity Health – Enjoy a Diabetic-Friendly Fourth of July Barbecue (July 2015)

Mental Health & Wellness

Dignity Health – Identifying Depression Warning Signs and What to Do Next (July 2015)
Dignity Health – Be Kind to Boost Your Health (December 2014)
TheRichest – 5 Ways You Can Free Yourself From Stress (May 2014)
TheRichest – 5 Ways to Totally Screw Up Your Work-life Balance (March 2014)


Louisiana’s Health & Fitness MagazineMining for Gold: Olympic Golf and Rugby Reemerge at the Rio 2016 Games (July 2016)
Dignity Health – Gymtimidation: Why We Fear the Gym and 6 Tips to Overcome It (April 2017)
Dignity Health – How Mobility Exercises Improve Parkinson’s Patients’ Quality of Life (May 2015)
Dignity Health – Benefits of Exercise for Arthritis and Aggravated Joints (May 2015)


Dignity Health – Family Fitness Ideas to Encourage Your Kids to Stay Healthy (October 2017)
Dignity Health – 5 Tips for Teaching Your Kids How to Pick a Healthy School Lunch (July 2017)
Dignity Health – Does My Child Have Springtime Allergies or a Cold? (April 2017)
Dignity Health – Best Crib Safety Practices for the Winter (January 2017)
Dignity Health – Are You Prepared? 5 Tips for Creating a Family Emergency Plan (October 2016)
Dignity Health – Parent Like a Pro: 4 Organizational Apps for Parents (October 2016)
Dignity Health – What You Need to Know About Tylenol Dosage for Children (July 2016)
Dignity Health – Seeing Clearly: Does Your Child Need Glasses? (January 2016)
Dignity Health – 8 Questions to Ask When Searching for a Family Doctor (September 2015)
Dignity Health – 6 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Infant Care (September 2015)
Dignity Health – How to Talk to Your Kids About Childhood Obesity (May 2015)
NewOrleansKids.com – 4 New Orleans Foods Your Kids Will Love to Try
NewOrleansKids.com – 3 Tips for Traveling With Kids
NewOrleansKids.com – 3 Best Ice Cream Shops in New Orleans for Kids
NewOrleansKids.com – Downtown Hotels Perfect for Kids
NewOrleansKids.com – Best Educational Tours for Kids
NewOrleansKids.com – 4 New Orleans Parks Your Kids Will Love


The Motley Fool – Who Stands to Benefit When Healthcare Wearables Are Everywhere? (July 2014)
The Motley Fool – How NASA, the Navy and Businesses Can Use the Oculus Rift (January 2014)
Food Dive – 7 grocery retail technologies to innovate the shopping experience (May 2015)
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Food Dive – How 3D food printing can change the way we eat (March 2015)
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TheRichest – The Trouble With Our Drone-filled Future (May 2014)
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TheRichest – 4 Big Worries Surrounding Facebook’s Oculus VR Acquisition (March 2014)
TheRichest – How Internet Balloons Could Speed Up Global Development (March 2014)
TheRichest – Why Apple Should Make an Android Phone, but Won’t (February 2014)
TheRichest – Is Apple Moving in on the Game Console Business? (February 2014)
Knoji – GamersGate vs. Steam vs. GOG: Game Downloading Services Compared (September 2012)
Knoji – Hulu Plus vs. Netflix vs. Amazon Prime: Streaming Video Services Compared (August 2012)
Knoji – Video Game Rental Sites Reviewed: GameFly vs. GameMine vs. GameStop (August 2012)


Affordable Colleges Online – The Benefits of Working With Your Alumni Association
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Learn How to Become – Researching and Selecting a Degree Program
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Personal Finance

brass | Magazine – Knowing Your Limits: How Much Debt Is Too Much? (April 2014)
The SafeWise Report – The Top 6 Things to Consider When Buying a New Home (February 2014)
Noodle – 3 Methods for Managing Student Debt (August 2014)
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Earth Island JournalCan Mardi Gras Go Green? (February 2015)
Marriott Traveler – New Orleans Au Naturel: How to Travel Green in the Crescent City
Food Dive – How sustaining the planet and the food industry intertwine (May 2015)
Food Dive – Farmers see no shortage of issues with California drought (April 2015)
Food Dive – Single-servings’ role in the future of food and the environment (March 2015)
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Where Y’at Magazine – NOLA Stays Up Till Sunrise With Afterparties, Late-Night Events This Weekend (August 2018)
Where Y’at Magazine –
Ganja White Night Hosts Double-Header With Heavy Openers at Joy Theater This Weekend, August 3-4 (August 2018)
Where Y’at Magazine –
Your Complete Guide to BUKU Late Afterparties (March 2018)
Where Y’at Magazine –
Kolony Gras: Why Steve Aoki’s Onstage Antics Feel at Home in New Orleans (February 2018) (+photo)
Where Y’at Magazine –
Get Fleur de Lit with Getter, G Jones at Republic NOLA This Mardi Gras Weekend (February 2018)
Where Y’at Magazine – Mr. Carmack to Unleash Live Set on Republic NOLA This Tuesday, February 6 (February 2018)
Where Y’at Magazine –
Thriftworks to Deliver Downtempo Decadence at Republic NOLA This Saturday, February 3 (February 2018)
Where Y’at Magazine –
A Night for the Misfits: Emo Night Returns to Republic NOLA Tonight, Friday, January 12 (January 2018) (+photos)
Where Y’at Magazine –
Be Naughty or Nice at Dohm for the Holidays 3 at Republic NOLA, Friday, December 15 (December 2017)
Where Y’at Magazine –
Exclusive Interview: Local DJ Klutch Makes His Church* Debut at Dragon’s Den This Sunday, 11/12 (November 2017)
Where Y’at Magazine –
Future-Funk Maestro GRiZ Brings ‘Saxual’ Healing to the Orpheum on Saturday, 11/11 (November 2017)
Where Y’at Magazine –
Collective Consciousness: How DJ Collectives Amplify New Orleans’s EDM Community (November 2017)
Where Y’at Magazine
Flying Lotus 3D Live Set at Joy Theater Cut Short After Sound Issues (November 2017)
Where Y’at Magazine –
Don’t Miss the Mind-Bending Madness of Flying Lotus in 3D at Joy Theater, November 1 (October 2017)
Where Y’at Magazine –
Voodoo Music + Arts Experience on Friday, Oct 27, 2017 (October 2017)
Where Y’at Magazine –
End Your Voodoo Fest Weekend on a High Note With Church*: The Voodoo Sermon (October 2017)
Where Y’at Magazine –
Run the Sold-Out Joy (October 2017)
Where Y’at Magazine –
Trip Like NOLA Do With The Crystal Method at Tipitina’s on Friday, October 20 (October 2017)
Where Y’at Magazine –
To Hell and Back: Bassheads Unite at Hell’s Gala and Afterparty This Saturday, October 21 (October 2017) 
Where Y’at Magazine
BUKU Music + Art Project Announces 2018 Festival Dates, Tickets on Sale October 11 (October 2017) 
Where Y’at Magazine –
Rezz, aka Space Mom, Prepared to Launch Republic Crowd Into Orbit Thursday, 9/28 (September 2017)
Where Y’at Magazine – 
Flux Pavilion’s ‘Around The World In 80 Raves’ Tour Lands at Republic Tonight (June 2017)
Where Y’at
 MagazineMija Poised to Crank Out a Genre-Resistant Headlining Set at Republic This Saturday (June 2017)
Where Y’at MagazineGanja White Night to Blaze the Trail for NOLA’s Memorial Day Weekend Dance Parties (May 2017)
Where Y’at Magazine
 / Mambo Beat Magazine (Haydel’s Bakery) – Oh, When the Bands Go Marching In: A Parade Soundtrack
Where Y’at MagazineVoodoo Music + Art Experience 2013 Previews: Flow Tribe, Presentation Hall Jazz Band, Calvin Harris, Beats Antique (October 2013)
Where Y’at Magazine – Beverly Skillz (October 2012)
Where Y’at MagazineWho Do Buku Like We Do? (March 2012)
Where Y’at Magazine – Ones to Watch: Koan (September 2011)
Where Y’at Magazine – Ones to Watch: Sasha Masakowski (April 2011)
ANTIGRAVITY Magazine – Impulss: Impulsively Hip-hop, Impulsively New Orleans (PDF – Pages 12-13) (October 2006)
River Beats – Lost Lands Lineup Lacks Ladies (Again)—15 Producers Who Fit the Bill (April 2018)
River Beats – Not One Re:Coil as Gramatik Returns to Red Rocks in Fall 2018 (March 2018)
River Beats – shallou’s Latest Single ‘Lie’ Explores and Substantiates ‘Happy/Sad’ Music (January 2018)
River Beats – L.A WOMEN’s Debut ‘Hurricane Love’ Shimmers in Jasper Dietze’s House Makeover (November 2017)
River Beats – No ‘Better Places’ to Be Than With Pierce Fulton in New Orleans, Nov. 17 (November 2017)
River Beats – 12th Planet Reveals Phase One of International Tour Dates (October 2017)
River Beats – Short But Sweet: Pass the Good Delivers on Day 1 Pre-Hurrican-celation (October 2017)
River Beats – Hurricane Nate Cuts Short Florida’s Pass the Good Festival (October 2017)
River Beats – SOPHIE to Throw Down a “Hard” Pop-Dance Set Over Decadence Weekend at Joy Theater (September 2017)
River Beats – Better Than ‘Good’: Pass the Good Reveals Enticing Phase 2 Lineup  (September 2017)
River Beats – Ganja White Night to Ring in NOLA’s Memorial Bass Weekend Festivities (May 2017)
The Motley Fool – Are Apple and Google About to Reshape the Future of Music Streaming? (July 2014)
The Motley Fool – Do Streaming Music Services Have a Sustainable Business Model? (December 2013)
WeddingsInNewOrleans.com – Top New Orleans Wedding Songs


Football Nation – New Orleans Saints vs. Green Bay Packers: Hero and Zero of the Game (October 2012)
Football Nation – New Orleans Saints vs. Carolina Panthers: Hero and Zero of the Game (September 2012)
Football Nation – Sending Out an S.O.S.: Saints’ Omission of Sean Payton Sinks Team (September 2012)
Football Nation – Washington Redskins vs. New Orleans Saints: Three Bold Predictions (September 2012)
Football Nation – New Orleans Saints Players’ Bounty Suspension Lifted — For Now (September 2012)
Football Nation – 2012 NFL Preseason Week Four: Saints vs. Titans (September 2012)
Football Nation – 2012 NFL Depth Chart Updates: New Orleans Saints (August 2012)
Football Nation – The NFL Referee Lockout: A Timeline of Turmoil (August 2012)
Football Nation – Roger Goodell Under Bounty Judge’s Scrutiny: Part 2 (August 2012)
Football Nation – Roger Goodell Under Bounty Judge’s Scrutiny: Part 1 (August 2012)


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